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What I do

What I do:

I think you know what realtors do, but I don't think you know when you need a realtor:

Basically, I am there as the knowledgable person acting on your behalf in a real estate transaction: to try to discover as much about a property as I reasonably can, and present them to you, explain them to you, so that you can make an informed decision.

In some cases, I negotiate on your behalf but we are getting into the world of explaining what agency means (my becoming your agent).

There is a whole form with lots of words for that.


I help find properties that suit your needs (so I need to know what you need) - more on this below.

I help make sure buyers are pre-approved, and work through their realtors to do so.

I make sure sellers are disclosing as much as they can, and will go looking for more info where I can.


When do I need a realtor?

In the modern age where people can find all sorts of real estate information and listing information - not only on their home computers, but basically even driving around in their car or in their pocket on smartphones and tablets: everyone thinks they can displace a realtor until the very end.

Thinking about real estate? You need a realtor.

I was just thinking.  Yes, you need one.

You need a realtor, even if just to tell other realtors that you have one so that they will stop asking you.

But more importantly, you should not go into a place you are thinking of buyng and use the realtor selling the home.  Their loyalty is to their client - first and foremost.  And if they aren't, then (a) they might be lying, and (b) might be in breach of their agency.   

Using the listing realtor does not make you more likely to win.  Someone will end up overpaying or think they are and could end up asking the court to check (lawsuit).

You need your own realtor to objectively give you advice ahead of that time, and if we are getting paid anyway, then it makes sense to use us for all the things that you are so busy doing: searching and digging and driving around. Doing all these things does not give you a discount in price, or a discount from the realtor. Or a discount from the seller.

The only thing it will bring you is stress.

So if it's getting complicated - contact me.