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How I help

How I help:


How? I try to manage expectation and to avoid surprises.Part of the 184 and more things that a realtor does for a client.

For example: I go through the contract ahead of time and coach you for what to expect.

I don't expect you to read all the documents alone. I read them alongside you and guide you to understanding them - not to be an expert, but enough to make clear decisions.

If you are selling, I take you out and look at the competition and:


in all cases, I try to make a case for why OTHER people should sell to you for LESS, and why buyers should buy from you for MORE. I do this by building a profile of you, my client, and why you would be the perfect buyer/seller. 

My job is to help you buy a home, or to sell your home.

As efficiently as possible, with as little stress as possible.  In our crazy real estate market here in Greater Vancouver, we already know that it's not going to be cheap, but let's not make it any more complicated or stressful than it is.


You: "Ok, that's all nice, but you still gotta get paid, right?"  Yes, No, maybe.

Yes.  If you are the seller.  We would negotiate a commission for my services, from which we would need to pay the cooperating realtor (the Buyer's realtor), etc.  It is reflective of the value of the services and the time and energy for which I would provide to you - for the ENTIRE duration of your time as my honoured client.  It is negotiable and dependent on my fulfilling a fiduciary duty to you (being loyal and knowlegable etc.)

If you decide not to sell - I get nothing.

If you are the buyer, then generally my commission is covered by the seller's commission to their realtor. More on extenuating circumstances before it arises. And again, if you decide not to buy, then I get nothing.


Is it getting complicated?  Contact me.