Professional. Licenced. Real Estate Advice & Services. 专业房地产经纪人

About Me

I am a real estate professional. A REALTOR®.

But why?I've had plenty of jobs. But even the most adventuresome jobs or well-paid jobs, are still jobs. I'm a service-oriented, analytical, determined problem solver. What I bring to each and every encounter is the ability to listen.

I listen for what you are trying to tell me.

I listen for what you might not be saying but that I need to know.

I listen for things that I have to do and my job is to translate your best interest into immediate and effective action.

Now for that, I have experience.

I've got the lenses that help me see issues from multiple perspectives - so that I can give you the best advice I can provide.

I am a professional but I am not the whole team - and I know when things are beyond my experience, skill, or knowledge and have a great team to support me and to refer your other real estate needs:

administration, conveyancing, home inspection, mortgage brokering, moving and storage, building, landscaping, staging, photography, videography, electricians, plumbers, engineers, notaries public, even accountants and cooks (in case you need a fresh batch of bread baked).

I am loyal; fiercely loyal, and ready to work and fight, and lead you to accomplishing your goals.

Let me lend you a hand. Let me provide peace of mind.

I'm a REALTOR® worth going back to.